Title: What You Wanted
Words: 3607
A/N: Inspired partially by 693 and partially with an idea I’ve been toying around with for a few weeks now. Hope y’all enjoy it.

The first time he saw her after he and Naruto made it back to the main battlefield, the area was a giant…


pls do not question my obsession with shipping sakura with every character in the series


Sasuke needs a medal 

my pathetic attempt at naruto style, shamelessly taken from this


Naruto 693! 

Loving how I’m seeing it.


I would really appreciate if people can take the time to read this.
I am really frustrated about the translation of chapter 693 because there’s a bunch of mistranslations (I read the raws), and people are getting the wrong ideas because of it.

First off,

Let’s start with Sakura’s confession.

私には…私にはどうすることも出来ないって本当は分かってる こんなに好きなのに…!!」(There’s one more line missing here that’s not been posted).


title: ramen bowl admissions 
summary: He’s really no good at keeping secrets, is he? —Kakashi, Team Seven

rating: K
word count: 504
notes: I cried and then I wrote; it’s pretty much my regular pattern ;__; dedicated to 675, obvs

Kakashi thinks it is his biggest secret—bigger than where he keeps his stash of Icha Icha, bigger than his love of plant care, bigger than the fact that he finds secret enjoyment in carving figurines out of soap on missions. He’s careful to guard it, this precious thing, but sometimes it finds its way out in the minute details.

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